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‘Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength’ S. Freud

In our fast changing world we are often get to struggle with various issues related to stres, anxiety, addiction, fears and phobias. While we undergo major or minor life changes we may want to, decide to or simply choose to open ourselves to a professional who may help us cope with whatever brings discomfort and trouble in our life. Here I am, looking forward to hear your story…

Offered therapy sessions

Mindfulness Practice

The act of being present is what keeps us grounded and safe. Ruminating about the past or looking too often into the future does not do us any favour (as much appealing it may seem). We are creatures of being and we can only truly BE here and now.

Mindfulness is a compelling life discipline that enables its clients to adopt an empowered mindset and activate their ability to make wise decisions which are based on facts rather than emotion. It helps to shift the awareness of what is and what is not real.

Practice of mindfulness (mindful self-awareness), is something that individuals from all walks of life can benefit from – being able to approach different situations in a controlled manner, is a highly attractive attribute of character and maturity.

What to expect?

Through practice of mindfulness sessions you can gain clarity of direction and foster the ability to handle troublesome and challenging situations well. These sessions are particularly useful to those on the journey of personal and professional development and growth. They provide pragmatic principles and practical techniques to overcome negative thoughts and feelings, in a way that is lasting, sustainable and holistic.

CBT Life Coaching – Anxiety

Most widely-used therapy for anxiety disorders. It brings great results and is highly effective  in the treatment of panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder, among many other conditions. Brings great result combined with principles of mindfulness practice and meditations.

What to expect?

You will learn useful techniques to overcome mentioned conditions, learn to observe your body and develop new skills in order to lead an anxiety free life.

Meditation and Mudra Practice

Meditation brings a multitude of scientifically proven benefits to your life and health. The absolute joy of meditation is, that once you learn it, it can be practiced just about anywhere and anytime.

The emotional benefits of meditation include increased awareness, gaining a new perspective on stressful, emotionally draining situations or situations with no solutions at hand. It helps in reducing negative emotions, helps to stay focused and centered, improves your creativity and imagination.

Mudra, from Sanskrit means hand gesture, mark, the seal. Mudra is the healing tool in palm of your own hand. It has profound impact on ones health, emotional state, when practised regularly it helps you to heal and deepen your devotion. Just as meditation, mudras can be practices anywhere and anytime even though the ritual of mudra is the most beneficial and sacred.

What to expect?

Increased self-awareness, increased patience and tolerance, balanced attitude to outside conditions. Enhanced creativity and imagination. Feeling of being grounded and at peace with your emotions.

Where psychotherapy ends, spirituality begins’ Carl Jung

Offered holistic practices

Spiritual Life Coaching

Learn how to achieve a higher level of spirituality, alignment and balance in your life. Connect to the clarity into what is needed to steer clearly and steady into personal and professional success.

What to expect?

By awakening your spirituality and mastery through various techniques used within the coaching sessions, you will develop a congruent way to an aware state of being. You will learn how to spiritually transform your life, bring it to balance and make the changes to last.

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Katherine Stecyszyn is a CTAA certified Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Meditation Practitioner/Teacher and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Life Coach specialising in anxiety. Owner and founder of Mindful Transformation Therapy Studio. She likes to think of herself as a holistic practitioner due to her openness to different forms of therapy. Spiritual coaching, tarot readings and ajurvedic practices (meditations). As Kundalini Yoga devoted student she believes that our body mechanics can significantly improve our psychic. She combines the known with the unknown.

In order to enhance her clients’ wellbeing Katherine uses various therapy methods to help them develop life-changing habits  and overcome different life obstacles. Her Mindful Transformation Therapy method offers the clients tailor-made solutions. She is currently based in Warsaw, Poland where she works with clients stationary but also provides online sessions to clients internationally via Skype